Academic Research in Graphic and Digital Design at Ésad de Reims

ARC « Forms of writing (Formes de l’écrit) »

This Research and Creation Workshop questions the links between drawing, writing and memory. How to represent, leave a trace, write, draw, report, record (…)? These questions of restitution go through time and continue to be an important subject for many artists, researchers, historians…
This is a formidable field of exploration because it invokes different types of language (computer, new technologies, choreographic, virtual, but also scriptural, graphic, typographic) evolving with the times. From graffiti to conceptual art, in the history of art, the relationship between writing, drawing and memory has inspired many artists (Tania Mouraud, Irma Blank, Mirtha Dermisache, Sol Lewitt, Daniel Buren…)

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Questioning the forms of information with the Datavisualisation programme

Similar to ‘research through design’ (Findeli, 2005), the programme questions the visual forms of data and its processes. It explores the potential relationships between graphic & digital design on the one hand, and scientific analysis of bigdata on the other, by proposing to make research data, their processing methods (algorithms) and their intrinsic tendencies sensitive and visible before any analysis. The hypothesis being that a visual representation a priori coupled with an exploration tool articulated to a given research process is likely to produce an enrichment, or even a displacement of this process…

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Interrogating the relationships between Forms, Technologies, Society.

The Forms, Technologies, Society programme consists of meetings between theorists and practitioners, in the form of seminars, study days and colloquia, co-organised by Esad Reims and the Institut Mines-Télécom, since 2011.

If the wide diffusion of information and communication technologies participates in a cultural and social mutation of our societies, the multiple stakes of the digital era invite to explore this mutation by soliciting various disciplinary fields coming from the human and social sciences, as well as from the engineering sciences or design…

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Alain Findeli, in his text entitled La recherche-projet : une méthode pour la recherche en design (2005), distinguishes three types of research: research for design, research on design, and research through design. Also worth mentioning is the book by Pierre-Damien Huygue Contre-temps. De la recherche et de ses enjeux. Arts, architecture, design published in 2017 by B42, which offers a wide-ranging reflection on research practices in art / architecture / design.

Recent publications and communications

Corps connectés. figures, fragments, discours

Co-edited by Armen Katchatourov, Olaf Avenati, Pierre-Antoine Chardel et Isabelle Queval, published by Presses des Mines ed. (2022).

Datalogie. Formes et imaginaires du numérique

Publication of joint research work by Ésad and IMT-BS / IMT
Co-edited by Olaf Avenati & Pierre-Antoine Chardel, published by Loco ed. (2016).

Colloquium À l’épreuve des données, Université catholique de Lille, in the framework of the Biennale ECOPOSS

colloquium programme
Visual data design process deconstruction essay, 28 October 2022.

Conference at IRI / Centre Pompidou

Datavisualisation et Formativité, 5 May 2022
Presentation of the Datavisualisation programme and in particular the Brain Roads project.

Conference at INRIA / IPL BetterNet

IPL BetterNet
Meeting IPL BetterNet, 24 June 2019
Presentation of the Datalaxy project: visualization of 20 days of Jane Doe’s recordings on Facebook (project carried out in the framework of the Id-DIM post-graduate programme).

Conference at TTCLabs – Design Jam, StationF, Paris

At the invitation of Facebook’s Trust, Transparency and Control Labs, conference on Design, Trust and Personal Data, presentation of the Datavisualisation programme and its recent developments, 7 September 2018.

Conference at Enssib, Villeurbanne

Summer School of Cartography and Visualisation 2018 directed by Éric Guichard, from 9 to 11 July 2018.
Organised by RAIL, the Réseaux, Savoirs & Territoires team and Enssib, with the support of its scientific council.
Presentation of the Datavisualisation programme and its recent developments.

Conference at Orange Gardens

Presentation of the Datavisualisation programme to the Orange Business Model Community, 15 January 2018.

Conference at École Normale Supérieure

Atelier Internet, le 10 mars 2017
Exploring the links between technology and culture, between design, IT and philosophy.

Conference at FORuMIDABLE 2017

ENSCi – Les Ateliers, 15 June 2017
Presentation of the programme Datavisualisation. plus