Post-Graduation Programme

Interdisciplinary post-graduation programme: IDEE - Innovation, Design and Entrepreneurship

Duration 1 year (1 academic semester + 1 internship semester)

Previously known by the acronym Id-DIM (Digital Activities. Designer, Engineer, Manager), IDEE is an inter-school training program co-created by Esad de Reims, Institut Mines-Télécom Business School & Télécom SudParis / IMT, in partnership with Le Cube and SIANA. The program brings together designers, engineers and managers in teams. This program is part of the “Digital Inventiveness” Chair, the first teaching chair dedicated to digital creativity, held by Institut Mines-Télécom Business School, in partnership with Télécom SudParis and ESAD de Reims, and supported by Davidson Consulting, SIANA, Le CUBE and the Mines-Télécom Foundation.

The following may apply:
DNSEP or Master’s degree graduates in Design (graphic design / type design / digital design / object design / product design / space design / textile design / sound design, …).
Engineers and managers from the Institut Mines-Télécom school network who have validated their Master 1 credits.

The first semester is organized in 4 TU (teaching units)

  • TU Interdisciplinary Group Project Practice : Identify the societal issues of the context, Get inspired, Discover, Deepen, Experiment and prototype, Describe and share
  • TU Design practices and issues: Observe and analyze usages and users, design and test practical and aesthetic solutions, give form to the project
  • TU Entrepreneurship and Project Management: Imagine, design and manage an innovative, sustainable project that is part of society
  • TU Current Technological Practices: Understand, choose and use the latest technologies

Students create an ecologically and socially responsible project in teams. Emphasis is placed on co-creation, the ethics and efficiency of the methods and technologies used, and attention to the context and beneficiaries of the project. A series of courses support the project practice, including: anthropology of uses, prototyping practice and methods, ethical and responsible project management, techno-criticism, datavisualization, etc. Meetings with professionals in the digital field are offered, from large companies to third-party venues. The semester ends with a public presentation at the Cube, a digital art center.

The second semester of professional immersion is devoted to an internship in a company and the writing of a thesis

Linked to the professional project of each participant, the internship takes place in the company or organization of his/her choice, with the validation of the training tutors. The networks of partner companies of the 3 founding schools of the program are accessible to all. Written during the internship period, the dissertation is intended to explore a question in greater depth. It is subject to a methodological framework.

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Année enseignements & repères pédagogiques

post-graduation / semestre 1

TU — Project practice in interdisciplinary groups | 12 ects

« Fil Rouge » interdisciplinary project | 61 hours, 5 ects – Olaf Avenati, Pierre-Antoine Chardel, Djamel Belaid

Prototyping Workshop (ESAD de Reims), included in the « Fil Rouge » interdisciplinary project – Olaf Avenati, Éric Blondin, Pierre-Antoine Chardel, Djamel Belaid

Thesis methodology | 21 hours, 2 ects — Emmanuel Baudoin

Communication techniques and leadership workshop | 24 hours, 2 ects

A choice of in-depth modules | 21 hours, 2 ects :
• Makers’ approach (level 2)
• Financial and legal engineering of innovative projects
• Data science and companies (level 2)

Cycle of conferences: Embracing Tomorrow | 12 hours, 1 ects — Guest lecturers

Coaching of teams during the workshop 2nd year IMT « Challenge Projet » workshop | 15 hours, 1 ects

TU — Design practices and challenges | 6 ects

Design culture and challenges | 21 hours, 2 ects – Olaf Avenati & guests

Makers’ approach (level 1) | 21 hours, 2 ects – Éric Blondin

Anthropology and practices | 15 hours, 1 ects

Mastery of digital creation and design tools | 15 hours, 1 ects — Yorel Cayla

TU — Contemporary technological practices | 6 ects

New imaginaries: philosophy of innovative digital techniques and practices | 18 hours, 1 ects – Pierre-Antoine Chardel & Niels Aziosmanoff

Artificial intelligence: challenges, tools and techniques | 18 hours, 1 ects

Data science and companies (level 1) | 18 hours, 1 ects : code p5js initiation / using open data & big data, an introduction

Technological alternatives, doing things differently | 18 hours, 1 ects — Maxime Guedj

TU — Entrepreneurship and project management | 6 ects

Innovation management, creativity and problem solving to think differently | 21 hours, 2 ects

Innovative, alternative and sustainable business models | 21 hours, 2 ects

Ethical and responsible management, management of complex projects | 15 hours, 1 ects

Marketing and negotiation techniques | 15 hours, 1 ects

post-graduation / semestre 2

internship in a company or incubator, with the support of the IMT-BS campus carreer center

research thesis – accompanied by a referent teacher