Seminar: Contemporary Transformations 2022-2023

Multi-site event
From Monday 5 December 2022 to Monday 13 February 2023

As part of contemporary transformations, a transversal programme of its Masters in art and design, ESAD Reims invites eight speakers, philosophers, sociologists, artists and designers, to present their work in order to address contemporary issues at the crossroads of art, design, reality in the field and present and future ecological and human challenges.
Two days of meetings between students, artists and theorists to stimulate exchanges and reflection, to open up new avenues to be explored to open up new avenues to explore, to think about, to create…

2 cross-conference sessions

Session 1 - 5 December 2022, 9.30am -> 1pm

  • Roxanne Maillet - MESSY, MAIS SI (MESSY, BUT IF)

    Roxanne Maillet interrogates text, its shaping and reading as a collective practice as well as from a feminist dyke perspective. Her work manifests itself in the form of reading groups, books, typographies, t-shirts… She is the initiator, since 2016, of the Cave Club: sessions of readings of texts written by women that she invites - texts that she transcribes into an editorial format. She is currently working with Auriane Preud’homme on the publication of the first issue of the journal Phylactère dedicated to the restitution and scoring of performances. Roxanne Maillet is also developing graphic research and dissemination work around inclusive writing and non-generic glyphs. In 2017, she created “Out of Closet”, a collection of words silk-screened on t-shirts. They are also distinctive signs for a network of lesbians absolutely busy embodying the attitudes that define them. Roxanne Maillet is a graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Lyon and the École Supérieure des Arts - École de Recherche Graphique (ERG) in Brussels.

  • Tom Hébrard - From object design to environment design. A practical overview of a designer’s approach to the challenges of ecological transition.

    By building bridges between disciplines, Tom Hébrard endeavours to propose a “transverse” vision of society at a time when the socio-technical paradigm is being completely questioned. His core subjects are ecological redirection, low-tech and conviviality. In this way, he questions our ways of being and doing together. Art, a popular space for the expression of the imaginary, allows him to create without the constraints of design and to mobilise. Design, an omnipresent and discreet discipline, allows us to renew our relationship with the specifications and with political or technical actions. Producing objects and working with institutions are ways of rethinking lifestyles and everyday life. Teaching at the Ecole Boulle or at Villette Makerz allows us to pass on and think about emerging professions and the redirections to be envisaged in the art professions and in design in particular.

Session 2 - 3 February 2023, 9:30am -> 1pm

NEOMA Business School Auditorium, 59 rue Pierre Taittinger Reims

  • Yann Rocher - Natural History of Transparency [intervention postponed

    [postponed intervention].

    Anouk Daguin - The art of the meeting. The interprofession as a source of research-creation

    Artist and doctoral student at the École Polytechnique. Her creative research work is supported by the arts & science chair at the École polytechnique, the École des Arts Déco - PSL and the Carasso foundation, and the biotechnology chair at CentraleSupElec. An artist of encounters and chatter, she explores, through participatory projects, the way in which exchanges between humans, plants and micro-organisms are woven, to give rise to new narratives on the porosity of the world.

  • Aurélien Fouillet - *The enromancement by doing. About ontonautics

    A graduate in philosophy, cabinetmaking and marquetry, with a doctorate in sociology, he now combines theoretical reflections and manufacturing practices in a network at the crossroads of the Humanities, design and contemporary crafts. He is co-director of the MS Creation and Contemporary Technology at ENSCI les Ateliers, researcher at the Centre de Recherche en Design and teacher at the Camondo school. He is the author of Playtime. Prélude aux ontonautes (ed. Les Pérégrines 2022), and was awarded the Prix La Pensée by the Fondation ateliers d’art de France for his book La vie des objets. Les métiers d’art, une écosophie pratique. Ontonautes I (ed. Ateliers d’Art de France, 2022)

Contributions & questions from participants

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