Workshop — Aurélie Gasche / Dépli Design Studio

ESAD de Reims
From Monday 10 October 2022 to Thursday 13 October 2022

Key-instant (or one-minute core sampling)

This workshop proposes to experiment with a collective narrative form by means of a graphic, spatial and linear device. In both sides of the project, the aim will be to create a visual narrative of the present.

According to Stefan Zweig in Les Très Riches Heures de l’humanité, history proceeds by leaps and bounds: a succession of banal facts is interrupted from time to time by key events. These are moments “of great dramatic concentration, carrying destiny, where a momentous decision is condensed into a single day, a single hour and often a single minute”.

Based on current events, we are going to imagine what could be a key moment, a one-minute tipping point, a potential point of concentration. From this spark of a story, we will first imagine and develop a narrative in a non-discursive way, but by association with reported graphic forms, images of collected documentary resources, and isolated words.
This will need to unfold in the space of the room; all three dimensions are possible.

Once the installation has been nurtured and matured, we will look for the most interesting articulations and highlights to transpose it into a particular printed work. This second collective graphic object will use a so-called swirl binding
This second collective graphic object will use a so-called swirl binding and will be made up of 60 flaps. It will allow for visual wandering and back-and-forth reading.

Each of you will be in charge of one stage of this narrative (between four and five flaps (or seconds) if there are fourteen of you) and will participate in the overall design.

Process: Extract, digress, collect, spatialise, explode, associate, play, move, manipulate, locate, link, cut, frame, insert, duplicate, assemble, re-compose, edit, collectively activate.

Aurélie Gasche
After graduating from the Atelier de recherche interactive at Ensad, Aurélie Gasche founded Dépli design studio in 2007 with Vadim Bernard and Benjamin Gomez. Together they collaborate with museums, cultural institutions and architects and direct the creation of scenographic devices, printed, animated or interactive mediation objects, visual identities, publishing and signage.

Attentive to research and favouring a multidisciplinary approach, she co-signed the identity of the Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil with Delphine Cordier, participated with c-album in the definition of the signage project for the Louvre Abu Dhabi, and with Dépli she created the identity of the Macval, of the Fresnoy, the multimedia contents of the Polytechnique Museum and the signage of the Lokremise centre in Switzerland.

At the same time, she has been teaching in art and design schools since 2008 and has been teaching at the HEAR in Strasbourg since 2019.

Dépli Design Studio