Practical guide to becoming a freelance graphic designer established in France

On Saturday 21 January 2023

How to register with the Maison des Artistes and benefit from the status of artist-author?

The status of artist-author allows you to work as a graphic designer, to invoice your creations and your royalties. It allows you to organise your activity from a fiscal point of view (purchase of equipment, premises, vehicle costs, etc.). The status also gives you access to health insurance and pension insurance, via a mechanism of social contributions.

The steps involved in obtaining artist-author status may seem complex. That is why the Maison des Artistes has published this practical guide to the steps to take to start your professional activity.

Start-up Guide (in French target: blank class: project-link special-1 bt-big call-to-action-main)

n addition to this guide

Practical coaching meetings are held between practising teachers and Master students to answer your questions, to learn how to draw up estimates, to discover how public competitions and contracts work, to learn how to organise one’s files, one’s administration, one’s archives, etc. This is an opportunity to pass on a few tricks of the trade to help you get started. Meetings with a lawyer specialising in copyright are also part of the Master’s programme to help you understand this concept.

Enjoy reading and contact your teachers for any further information!